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Connect To Your
Inner Light

Our Retreats

Our wellness retreats offer you an opportunity to honor your mind & body. We indulge in hands on DIY activities, body movement, meditation, & more!

After a be Morr retreat, you will feel rejuvenated, empowered, affirmed, grounded and deeply connected to a community of women.

Our retreats are for the women of color who are looking for a space to ground, unwind, release, and rebuild their inner world to be one that nourishes them. As a practice, be Morr is focused on empowering women of color to recognize that we have access to all the wellness we need within us, it is simply up to us to tap into it. Be Morr is made by us and for us.

We believe that we are social creatures, who don’t only heal individually but also in connection with others who inspire and fuel our energy for growth. The retreat is a space we have created for the sacred duty of prioritizing who we are and giving ourselves the love we deserve.

Clip from our 2020 retreat

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