Our Mission 

be Morr is a therapeutic community based in New York City, created by and for Women of Color. We offer a variety of mental health and therapeutic services conducted by trained and licensed mental health professionals for WOC. While we believe in the power of individual therapy, we know that in order to truly break the stigma of mental health and have a larger impact, we must dismantle the systems that create barriers for WOC to receive mental health services. 

Regine Dorismond
Roslyn Guzman
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Culturally Affirming Spaces Matter

We are committed to destigmatizing mental health and changing what it means for WOC to seek help. We are passionate about empowering WOC to access their intergenerational and ancestor’s strengths, in order to liberate and heal themselves to live authentically in a world that does not always allow us to do so. With your donation and sponsorship, you have the opportunity to create a world in which WOC no longer have to suffer in silence.