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Wellness Retreats for Women of Color

because we deserve!

"Beautifully curated, carefully planned, perfectly throughout. All of the activities were meaningful and fruitful"

2022 Retreat Attendee

Our Community Opens
Their Souls

"We found our power in vulnerability! We spoke freely, and we understood each other. The location, meditation, yoga, and discussion in nature healed me in ways I didn't know I needed."

"I truly enjoyed the connections i made just by hearing other women feel what i am feeling ." 

"It was such an amazing day to be around women who want to empower other women. It inspired me to seek what's next in my life while also acknowledging that I too need a break!"

2020 Retreat Attendee

2020 Retreat Attendee

2021 Retreat Attendee

"I cannot thank the be morr team enough for always bringing such dynamic women together for growth, support, and encouragement. outstanding.

2022 Retreat Attendee

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